The Bond Market is Here!

Screenshot of the Bond Market

Hello and welcome to a new episode of “I’ve no clue what I’m doing, please help!”. In this episode, we will talk about Ripae’s new, unique and sexy Bond Market where Bond holders can put up a request for a trade.

Why a Bond Market?

We listened to our community and what we heard was a request for a way to trade Bonds. As Bonds have no liquidity and will not have any in the future either, we came up with a unique way that Bondholders could ask to get out of their Bond position and for others to buy Bonds at a possible Discount.

-So how does this work?

-We made it as straightforward as possible.

Trade your Bonds, if you want to…


First, you have to have your Bonds in your wallet and not Staked in our Bond Teller. Then, you click on “Create Sell Order” and chose the number of Bonds you want to sell. You also choose the price PER BOND you want to sell the bonds at. Please be sure to check all numbers before listing your Bonds for sale.

Regarding the sale price, Bond buyers can always buy bonds at a 1:1 rate of the PegToken so any Bond you put up for trade in the Bond Market needs to be lower than that to attract buyers. Keep in mind that when you sell Bonds, you will get Native token in return.

There is no fee for putting up the Bonds for sale. There is however a slight fee when the trade happens, taken from the Native Tokens you will get for your Bonds. The fee is visible in the UI and is initially set to 10%, and will be used to buyback and remove PegTokens from circulation.


Bond buyers usually go to the Ripae Bond page and trade their PegToken for Bonds at a 1:1 rate. When the TWAP is above 1.01, they can trade back their Bonds for PegTokens again. The higher above TWAP the trade happens, the more PegTokens the trader gets.

With the Bond Market in place, Bond buyers can first check the Bond Market if there are any open trades available. As Bond buyers always can trade at 1:1, any listing in the Bond Market would be at a discounted price to attract buyers. You as a buyer buy the Bonds in the Bond Market with Native tokens.

There is no cost attached to buying Bonds from the Bond market and you will get the full amount of Bonds as advertised.

Simple and clean, the way we like it!

The Bond Market is currently launched on Fantom and Polygon, with more chains to follow. The Bond Market can be found in our Main Menu, or using the link:

We are Ripae Finance, a cross-chain algorithmic peg token pegged to each native chain we are deployed on. An Algorithmic Peg Token(APT) is a non-collateralized peg token tailored for improving price stability. The beauty of algorithmic peg tokens is that they are much more capital efficient than their collateralized cousins. Ripae finance will with its experienced teamwork, work towards expanding this idea of capital-efficient algorithmic peg tokens and build on previous iterations to expand the basis of the ecosystem.

Ripae Finance’s full focus is to build a true cross-chain algorithmic peg token protocol that is innovating around the DeFi Ecosystem. Ripae is a DAO which means that the holders of $PAE are also the owners of the protocol and move the protocol forward with decentralized voting.

We started on Fantom and with the partnership of, our main token $PAE is now available on Fantom, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Polygon, and Abritrum.

Discord: ipae
Telegram (only announcement):



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