The Basics of Ripae Finance

A hitchhikers guide to Ripae

So… what is Ripae Finance and where do you start?
- A common question and we are here to help you with the process of understating and becoming part of the future in Ripae’s economy and ecosystem!

From the Latin word “Bank” — Ripae is an Algorithmic Peg Token (APT) system where laws of code and maths create a token that’s purpose is to be valued the same as peg token, once equilibrium is met.

What are the benefits and reasons of using Ripae ASC protocol, you might continue asking? There are many, some of which are convenience, versatility, and growth. High yield peg LP farming is another strong argument in favour of ASC economy. As Ripae’s ecosystem expands, more tools, products and use-cases such as tokenization, collateralization and diversification will be introduced to accelerate protocol’s interoperability and capital-efficiency even further.

Crossing the chain!

Not just an average ASC! Ripae is bound to be a cross-chain protocol with $PAE token at the core, where transferring value and ownership rights between multiple EVM chains is a seamless, secure and capital efficient. Ripae deployed on Fantom first, but the setup will be multiplied on each of the following expansion-scheduled EVM chains with tweaks that fit the particular ecosystem best.

Ripae’s Fantom implementation has 3 different tokens that are essential for the protocol to function.


$pFTM — This token is the algorithmic peg token that is imagined to be pegged to the value of $FTM, which means that in the long run, the goal of the value of $pFTM is to be equal to the value of $FTM.


$bFTM — Is the bond token issued as an IOU when $pFTM is undervalued.


$PAE — Is the cross-chain token that represents a “share” of the Ripae Finance ownership in the DAO. This token is the main governance and revenue sharing token, that can be used to transfer value and gov power across chains.

$pFTM and $bFTM are unique to the Fantom ecosystem but will be replicated on all chains that we establish Ripae on, i.e. $pAVAX, $bAVAX, and so forth. $PAE on the other hand only exists as $PAE and is the same token with the same total supply across all chains.

Where to start?

To get into Ripae Finance, you have to choose your entry point. Either you buy $pFTM or you buy $PAE. $pFTM essentially creates more $PAE and $PAE creates more $pFTM in a relationship that works out in an optimal way.

Follow these links to either buy $pFTM or $PAE:


Now that you have either $pFTM or $PAE you can participate in Ripae’s economy!

The next step is to create some value. This step can be done in a multitude of ways but I will walk you through the basic idea and you can expand on these yourself and find the ultimate “hidden” strategy ;)

For $pFTM, you first add liquidity which means you provide an equal value of $pFTM and $FTM, which can be done here:


or, for a faster approach, just head over directly to our Teller where you are ultimately gonna provide the token anyway, and just Zap in from FTM directly into $pFTM LP:

RIPAE $pFTM Teller

Click on approve and then click the little lightning bolt, choose the amount of $FTM, Zap! Then you click the + icon and add the token into the Teller.

Approve that Ripae can manage your $pFTM — $FTM LP
Zap is a fast and easy function to use

Boom! 🤯 Now you are earning some $PAE!

So… what to do with my $PAE that I just bought (or earned)? You head over to the Ripae Bank:


For the full Bank view, check out Ripae Docs for a full breakdown of it.

Here you “lend” out your $PAE to the Ripae Bank, and what do you get in return? You guessed it, you get $pFTM 🤑🤑🤑 each and every epoch! (and epoch is a certain time measurement, you can see the timer in the Bank counting down to the next epoch).

Congratulations 🥳, you have earned yourself a Ripae medal for following the guide until here! As you probably can see, there is a multitude of shortcuts, optimizations, and strategies that can be deployed and expanded on by yourself!

Join our Discord for much more strategies:

Ps. I will show you one of these tricks right now…

Beefy is a great resource for any DeFi enthusiast

Beefy.Finance, ever heard of it? Kinda a big deal you know…

Beefy is a Yield Optimizer which basically means, it automatically optimizes your Teller strategy explained above so you don’t have to think about it.

So head over to Beefy for either:

$pFTM: Beefy $pFTM — $FTM Vault


$PAE: Beefy $PAE — $FTM Vault

Zap function at Beefy

Here it’s super simple to stake your tokens, as Beefy manages the buying and creates LP for you. Just use the list on the right side, choose the token you have (preferable $FTM), amount, and then click Deposit! Boom! 💥 Simple as that, you are earning a return on your deposit! 🤑

Beefy Autocompounds the reward for you which means Beefy provides a “set and forget” solution where their compounding algorithm will make you earn a high APY without spending any GAS or Time.

Enjoy! 👋



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